Terms and conditions of use

The general terms and conditions of BOLSOHATILLO TC-GREGORIO CALLEJO ESCRIBANO, CIF: ES15930408X, Address: Calle Calvo Sotelo s/n.40297- SANCHONUÑO (Segovia) Spain hereinafter, "BolsoHatillo.com" will apply to each and every one of the agreements for the delivery of goods by BolsoHatillo.com in the market unless the parties explicitly agree in writing.


1.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these general terms and conditions (the "General Conditions") will apply to sales of products sold by BolsoHatillo.com (the "Products" and, each of them, a "Product" ) made by any member, agent or authorized representative of BolsoHatillo.com, to a buyer (the “Buyer”; and together with BolsoHatillo.com, the “Parties” and, each of them, a “Party”).

1.2. Offers from BolsoHatillo.com will not be binding until they are accepted and confirmed by means of an order issued by the Buyer in compliance with these General Conditions, as long as said order is accepted in writing by BolsoHatillo.com (any order accepted order is considered a "Contract or web purchase"). These General Conditions will become an integral part of the Contract or web purchase. The Buyer may not modify or cancel any order once it has been received and accepted by BolsoHatillo.com, unless BolsoHatillo.com expressly accepts said modification or cancellation in writing.

1.3. The particular terms and conditions of each Contract or web purchase will be agreed in writing between the Parties within the framework of the remission and acceptance of the order form (the "Special Conditions"). The General Conditions will be applicable to everything that does not modify or contradict what is established in the Particular Conditions.


The delivery of the Products will be made in accordance with the provisions of the Particular Conditions. It will be understood that the Buyer has accepted the quantity and quality of the Products and that the delivery has been made in accordance with the Contract or web purchase, unless the Buyer notifies BolsoHatillo.com in writing of any lack or damage within a maximum period of three calendar days from the delivery of the Products. After this period, BolsoHatillo.com will not be obliged to consent to any return of Products, unless it is legally mandatory.

3. PAYMENT 3.1.

Payments will be made through the payment gateways existing on this website and the most secure Internet usual today, which follows the SSL Security standards in each operation.

4. WARRANTY 4.1.

BolsoHatillo.com grants the legal guarantee to all its products, and will repair any defect in the Products (or, at its sole discretion, replace the affected Product) that is detected during the guarantee period as a result of defective materials or manufacturing. The Buyer must prove that his claim is covered by the guarantee. The delivery of the replacement or repaired Products will be made according to the delivery terms regulated in the Contract or web purchase and, in case of replacement, BolsoHatillo.com will recover ownership of the defective Product to be replaced.

4.2. The warranty period for the Products begins on the date of delivery and lasts for two years (unless a different duration or termination date is indicated in the Particular Conditions). If the Products are ready for delivery but BolsoHatillo.com cannot deliver them for reasons attributable to the Buyer, the warranty period stipulated in this Clause 4.2 will start from the date on which delivery should have occurred under the Contract or web purchase.

4.3. BolsoHatillo.com shall not be liable for any defect that is due to, or arises in connection with: (1) negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Buyer or any third party; (2) normal wear; or (3) any use, service, or operation of the Products that is not in accordance with the manuals, instructions, or specifications provided by BolsoHatillo.com, or that is otherwise not in accordance with normal industry practices.

4.4. This clause 4 contains the only warranty applicable to the products and supersedes any other express or implied warranty, obligation and liability associated with them.


5.1. BolsoHatillo.com grants its products the legal guarantee for the products it sells, but will not be responsible for indirect damages caused in the transport or handling of the product. The total responsibility of BolsoHatillo.com with respect to the Buyer under the Contract or web purchase will in no case exceed 100% of the price of the Contract or web purchase.


The personal data of the natural persons who intervene in the signing and in the management and execution of the services object of the Contract or web purchase in the name and on behalf of and/or on behalf of the Buyer will be treated under the responsibility of BolsoHatillo.com (and, where appropriate, they will be incorporated into files of their ownership), for the celebration, development, maintenance and control of the services object of the Contract or web purchase and the fulfillment of their legal obligations. The owner of the personal data may exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, portability, limitation of treatment, right of opposition to treatments based on automated decisions and any other rights that result from application by writing to BolsoHatillo.com

The legitimizing causes of the described treatments are the execution and control of the contractual relationship between the Parties, the legitimate interest consisting in the maintenance of the commercial relationship and the fulfillment of the legal obligations of BolsoHatillo.com The personal data will be treated during the development of the object of the Contract or web purchase and for a maximum period of 6 years after its termination with the sole purpose of complying with any applicable law. Likewise, the legal representatives are informed that they can present any claim or request related to the protection of their personal data before the corresponding Data Protection Authority.

The Buyer undertakes that, prior to supplying BolsoHatillo.com with any personal data of persons involved in the execution of the services object of the Contract or web purchase, it will have informed such person of the content of the provisions of the Contract or purchase. web and fulfilled any other requirements that may be applicable for the correct communication of your personal data to BolsoHatillo.com, without the latter having to carry out any additional action against said affected party in terms of information or consent.


8.1. Any work or service that BolsoHatillo.com provides to the Buyer within the framework of the Contract or web purchase will be governed by these General Conditions. If a provision of these General Conditions differs from the requirements of an applicable mandatory law, these General Conditions will be considered amended to the minimum extent necessary to comply with said law. No term, condition, declaration, guarantee or agreement contained in any correspondence, catalog or in any other form will be applicable unless stated in these General Conditions or incorporated into the Contract or web purchase by express written agreement of the Parties.

8.2. BolsoHatillo.com reserves the right to unilaterally modify these General Conditions, so that they will be incorporated into the Contract or web purchase in its current version at the time of formalizing the corresponding order form.


9.1. These General Conditions and the Contract or web purchase will be governed by Spanish Common Law. 9.2. The Parties, expressly waiving their rights to submit to any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the jurisdiction of the city of Cuellar, Segovia (Spain) for the resolution of any dispute, claim or controversy arising from or in relation to these General Conditions and the Contract or web purchase, including any question related to its interpretation, existence, validity, compliance, resolution, nullity or effectiveness.